New Dilly Daydream Site Launches!

Never underestimate yourself

I’m a modest soul, so when Dilly Daydream launched back in 2007, I wasn’t quite as prepared as I should have been when I took a very simple idea and turned it into something more indulgent, elegant and glamorous. I discovered there are a lot of ladies out there who do actually like to look (and feel) a little bit nicer than a drowned rat when taking a shower. And why not?

It’s really not rocket science making a useful product more aspirational (Cath Kidston is a true professional in this field) but it does require some drive and determination, something I don’t particularly associate with myself.

Trying to satisfy demand by making enough shower hats to go round at Christmas is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. (OK, maybe giving birth to twins takes first place on the tough stakes). Making sure I’m talking to the right people, (and what a wonderful cross section of customers there are that buy from Dilly Daydream – from glamorous ladies who take Dilly Daydream shower caps with them on cruises, to the lovely women who wear their shower caps for charity swim events and the wonderful dance teachers who’ve ordered caps for their talented dance troupes to wear on stage). Streamlining the order process (and I’m still struggling on that one – any suggestions on how to do this are most welcome!). And buying the right fabrics at the right price to make hats that people want, have all proved to be the hardest part of making Dilly Daydream the success it is today.

Three years down the line and I felt the time was right to take Dilly Daydream onto its next chapter. My objective was to make my shower caps even more indulgent and special – a real pampering treat, to give my customers a chance to feel that they’ve bought themselves something worthwhile, and to provide them with the perfect and original gift for their loved one, all wrapped up in pretty tissue.

Have I done this? Let me know….I hope you like the new site.