The Beauty of a Towelling Hair Turban


We added towelling hair turbans to our range because we really liked the ease of popping them over wet hair, post shower, rather than twisting (and therefore damaging) damp hair into a heavy damp towel, balanced on top of our heads. They are incredibly lightweight but cleverly still manage to stop those annoying drips from running down the neck.

However, in a very short space of time they have come to mean so much more to us than just a drying device. So much so that on the days when we do wash our hair, we just don't want to take our turbans off!

You see towelling hair turbans really do gently and effectively dry your hair. They can be worn for long periods before you need to style your hair, and it would seem the longer you wear them, the softer your hair actually feels when styling.  Plus your locks seem to behave much better under the brush.  Not only that, but towelling turbans pretty much halve the styling time which saves you time and avoids exposing your hair to any more heat from the dryer than necessary. Which means less hair damage and therefore happier hair.

Add some treatment, a serum or the latest discovery Argan oil and you can almost hear your hair thanking you when you give it half an hour under your turban.  Remove your turban, 5 minutes of styling time and hey presto, beautifully soft tresses doing exactly as they're told.

So it's not surprising that we sold out of our original batch of turbans in as little as six weeks. And not surprising that we've had some fantastic feedback from our customers. You've worn them whilst enjoying a trip on the coast to stop the wind and sea salt whipping your hair up into a matted tangle.  You've found them really useful to keep your hair off your face when putting on your make up. Or you've just used them to keep your hair frizz free and out of the way in the hot tub. But our favourite story is the lady who has grown so attached to hers that she's quite content to wear it whilst putting the bins out.  It'll only be a matter of time before we'll all be sashaying down the aisles at Sainsbury's looking like Grace Kelly.

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