Pucker up!  It’s International Kissing Day

Pucker up! It’s International Kissing Day

Kiss Me Shower CapAnd we have just the thing for those of you who are looking for an unusual but glamorous beauty gift for a loved one, who enjoys a bit of pampering "me time".  It's the very lovely Kiss Me luxury shower cap; finished off a charming cerise satin bow.

We are assuming you can’t afford to buy the original works of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt or Rodin, but think this pretty pink luxury shower cap, would make a suitable alternative, for those of you who are looking to shower someone with kisses!

All our caps are lined with a very soft, lightweight pvc fabric, to make them completely waterproof.  They are made to a generous size so that they don’t leave unsightly elastic marks on your forehead, whilst keeping your hair bone dry.  The signature Dilly Daydream frill also protects your face from the drying effects of water from the shower.

Our caps also make elegant swimming hats.  For those of you who want to keep your hair dry, without squashing your “do”, a Dilly Daydream bathing cap can make doing your lengths a very glamorous activity.  Whilst we are not suggesting you dive in off the 10m board, if you want to keep your head above water and prevent your hair from being splashed and coloured by chlorine, this is the perfect accessory to wear in the pool and the shower afterwards.  


The Beauty of a Towelling Hair Turban


We added towelling hair turbans to our range because we really liked the ease of popping them over wet hair, post shower, rather than twisting (and therefore damaging) damp hair into a heavy damp towel, balanced on top of our heads. They are incredibly lightweight but cleverly still manage to stop those annoying drips from running down the neck.

However, in a very short space of time they have come to mean so much more to us than just a drying device. So much so that on the days when we do wash our hair, we just don't want to take our turbans off!

You see towelling hair turbans really do gently and effectively dry your hair. They can be worn for long periods before you need to style your hair, and it would seem the longer you wear them, the softer your hair actually feels when styling.  Plus your locks seem to behave much better under the brush.  Not only that, but towelling turbans pretty much halve the styling time which saves you time and avoids exposing your hair to any more heat from the dryer than necessary. Which means less hair damage and therefore happier hair.

Add some treatment, a serum or the latest discovery Argan oil and you can almost hear your hair thanking you when you give it half an hour under your turban.  Remove your turban, 5 minutes of styling time and hey presto, beautifully soft tresses doing exactly as they're told.

So it's not surprising that we sold out of our original batch of turbans in as little as six weeks. And not surprising that we've had some fantastic feedback from our customers. You've worn them whilst enjoying a trip on the coast to stop the wind and sea salt whipping your hair up into a matted tangle.  You've found them really useful to keep your hair off your face when putting on your make up. Or you've just used them to keep your hair frizz free and out of the way in the hot tub. But our favourite story is the lady who has grown so attached to hers that she's quite content to wear it whilst putting the bins out.  It'll only be a matter of time before we'll all be sashaying down the aisles at Sainsbury's looking like Grace Kelly.

See our turbans here



Big Cans, Big Hair, Small Shower Caps

So much has been happening recently that I don't know where to start.

Last month I was lucky to be asked to design some promotional hats for Batiste who were launching their new XXL Volume spray. The idea was to dress their new cans with mini shower caps (think Innocent Smoothies – www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/bigknit). The cans were sent as party invitations to various beauty media and beauty bloggers inviting them to the Batiste launch party at Bungalow 8 in London. Guests were greeted with delicious cocktails and a beautifully decorated bar filled with bottles of the brand new Batiste range, all decked with little shower caps.

The party goers enjoyed an evening listening to gorgeous Paloma Faith (www.palomafaith.com), who was dressed in a fabulous black and white evening gown (which has given me ideas for my next shower cap design) and were each given a fantastic goody bag which, amongst others, included a selection of the new Bastiste range, Paloma Faith's brand new debut album, and a Dilly Daydream shower cap – a must for anyone who uses dry shampoo and doesn't want to wash their hair every day.

Thank you to Charley and Jackie at JWPR, Batiste and all of you who told me they loved their shower caps. I'm so pleased they went down a storm!