Are you ready for your Summer holiday?

Are you ready for your Summer holiday?

Holiday essentials

We’ve probably all seen those video tutorials on how to pack a suitcase perfectly? How to roll your clothes to stop them creasing.  Or stuff bottles inside your shoes to maximise precious space.  Or putting heavy items at the bottom nearest the wheels for balance and to prevent squashing the lighter stuff.  But let’s face it, most of us are probably guilty of over-packing.  Hands up if you bring back at least of half of the clothes you packed still unworn. But what holiday essentials can you not leave the house without?  A pack of cards for the riotous games you only ever play on holiday? A favourite top, that’s been with you on more holidays than it probably should have done?  Or our old friend, the corkscrew. 

Holiday Hair Care

For us, our holiday essential has to be one of our shower caps.  We all know that our hair takes a bit of a bashing on holiday with the damage caused by the sun, sand and chlorine, so a shower cap is always perfect for protecting your hair.  And it's rather handy for covering your hair when using conditioning treatments.  (More on our favourite hair treatments in a later blog.)

But there are also international “pool rules” to consider.  Just as men have to wear speedos rather than trunks in French swimming pools, did you know that in Italy (and some Spanish parcs), you have to wear a swimming cap? 

Putting the thought of men in speedos aside for a moment, why would you consider crushing your hair and squeezing your head in to a tight fitting lycra cap when you could glide up and down the pool in an elegant shower cap? Just saying….. 

Whilst we are not suggesting for one minute, that a Dilly Daydream shower cap is necessarily practical when diving in off the 10m board, it will certainly keep your hair out of the pool water and protect it from chlorine splashes, whilst maintaining an element of glamour.

Holiday Skin Care

One new thing that will definitely be going in the suitcase this year is Garnier’s Intensive 7 Days ultra-replenishing lotion for very dry skin.  Words cannot express how much we love this extremely economical everyday moisturiser.  Never have we had such lovely soft, smooth and hydrated skin.  Discovered by one of our other halves (yes, a man, who moisturises voluntarily!), it has now become a firm Dilly Daydream favourite.

What have we forgotten?  We'd love to know what your holiday essentials are!

Happy holidays!


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