What’s not to love about lavender?

Used to treat a range of ailments such as insomnia, migraines and joint pains, the aroma of lavender has a relaxing effect on the body as well as the mind and soul. It has a multitude of culinary uses and to top it all, lavender plants are an excellent way of attracting butterflies and bees in to the garden.

The simple aroma of lavender can aid relaxation.  Breathing in the scent of lavender lowers the heart rate helping you to drift off.  This is the reason we have chosen Cotswold lavender to put in our eye masks and soothing wheat wraps and why both have become part of our relaxation routine at the end of the day.



Did you also know that combining lavender and a shower cap can help combat dandruff!?  Simply combine 15 drops of lavender oil with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, warm it in the microwave and massage it in to your scalp.  Pop on a shower cap and leave for an hour before shampooing out.  After a few treatments, you should start to see the results.

Lavender is not just for the medicine cabinet though.  Why not try incorporating the leaves and flowers of lavender in to salads, vinegars, jellies, ice creams, soft drinks and cocktails? 

Most importantly of all though…..bees LOVE lavender and as we all know, bees as pollinators, are vital to our food chain.  What’s not to love?



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