Swirly Towelling Turban

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Say hello to our bright blue and pink psychedelic swirly print towelling-lined turban with pretty blue tear drop jewel.  Not only will this hair turban brighten up your day, but it is perfect for drying your hair when you step out of the shower. It will keep your head warm, stop water from dripping down your neck and keeps your hair off your face, making it ideal to wear while you apply your make up.

Add a treatment, a serum or some Argan oil and you can almost hear your hair thanking you when you give it half an hour under your turban.  Remove your turban, 5 minutes of styling time and voila! Beautifully soft tresses doing exactly as they're told.

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Reviews (1)

Love it! Much better than messing with a heavy towel to dry hair. Use it to boost hair masks...perfect pampering in vibrant style!

Deborah B.

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