Unless you are one of those people who insists on, or has to wash their hair every day, there are a million* reasons why you should own a Dilly Daydream shower cap.

Hair Care

The first and most obvious reason is to keep your hair dry; perfect if you are in a hurry and have no time to blow dry your hair; or perhaps you’ve recently had your hair “done” and want to preserve that expensive salon blow out just a little bit longer. 

Probably most importantly though is the frequency of how often you wash your hair.  Experts tend to agree that you should do this no more than three times a week.  The natural oils which are produced to protect your hair are lost if you shampoo daily, causing an over production of oil and then a need to keep shampooing your hair.  Which is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

Skin Care 

The next thing to consider in the shower is your face!  As the experts at Good Housekeeping remind us, washing your face in the shower should not be part of your beauty routine.  The good news is that the large frill on a Dilly Daydream shower cap is not just there to flatter your face, it is also there to protect it from the perils of shower water.

Not just a pretty face

Next, you want to look gorgeous.  No-one wants to be disturbed in the bathroom whilst wearing a plastic disposable hotel shower cap.
Then there is the décor to consider.  A Dilly Daydream shower cap will look just as pretty hanging up to dry as it will on you.  It is not something to be hidden away in shame in the bathroom cabinet and is the perfect colourful addition to a room full of lotions and potions.

In the pool

Finally, you might like to consider a Dilly Daydream shower cap as a bathing cap.  Whilst we don’t suggest it will stay on your head whilst diving in off the 10m board, it will certainly keep your hair dry whilst doing some gentle lengths and protect it from harmful splashes of chlorine.  Rather than squashing you hair into a tight latex swimming cap, pop on a Dilly Daydream creation; made to a generous size it won’t leave an unsightly elastic mark on your forehead.
For these many reasons, a Dilly Daydream shower cap is a very practical purchase.  But who says practical has to be boring?

*weren’t we all reprimanded as children for exaggerating?!