Kiss Kiss Drying Turban


For all your crazies out there, if you’re still balancing a heavy towel on your head whilst putting on your make up, then please stop. Because you can now swan around with this gorgeous baby on your head! Mwah mwah darling!

Kiss Kiss is the ideal way to dry your hair after a shower. Easy to slip on, lightweight, stretchy and very comfortable. So much so it’s very easy to forget you’re wearing it (now that would cause some giggles in Sainsbury’s).

Our drying turbans are:

  • Kind to hair: Kiss Kiss has a soft and lightweight micro fibre lining which allows your hair to dry naturally and gently.
  • Spacious: It’s generous in size so will keep all your hair tucked away and stop it from dripping down your back.
  • Comfortable and warm: Easily slips on and the soft lining fits snugly over your hair.
  • Flattering on your face: The pretty front knot gathers the turban so it flatters every face shape.
  • Washable: A regular 30 degree machine wash and proper drying will ensure it lasts for years to come.
  • Sustainable: The lining and fabric are all recyclable.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love this. I feel very glamorous!


These are so fab. I also use them at night when i’m in bed and i’m deep conditioning or oiling my hair.